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Simple Changes That Will Give Your Home A More Modern Look

Are you looking to modernize your home with a remodel? You may be spending lots of time looking at various materials, color schemes, and decor choices, trying to decide which options have the most modern appeal. While it is important to pick elements that suit your taste, it is often helpful to back up and think about the big picture, first. If you make the right "big" changes during your remodel, then your home will look decidedly more modern, regardless of the specific accents you choose. Here are a few simple, but big, changes that can really modernize your home.

Open up the floor plan.

Years ago, it was trendy to have a lot of smaller rooms. This gave people a way to separate in their homes and enjoy more privacy. But that notion is a bit outdated. With people being more independent these days, many look to their homes as spaces where they can gather and spend more time together with family members. Open floor plans support this sort of lifestyle and are therefore quite modern. Consider whether there are walls you can remove during your remodel in order to make your home feel more open. For example, can you knock down a wall between the living room and dining room to make one big room? Or, you could open the kitchen into the hallway to create more space.

Choose smaller door and window frames.

Big, chunky door frames, window frames, and molding are relics of the past. These days, it is all about creating a more sleek look with thin woodworking and frames. If you simply replace all of your baseboards, window frames, and door frames with ones that are thinner, your whole space will look more modern. Painting them a dark color can make them look smaller, too.

Include some natural materials.

Natural materials are quite modern. So, as you choose materials for your home, just make sure you focus primarily on those that are made from natural materials. Stone counters and tile, hardwood floors, natural wood shelving, and wood frames are all good examples. If you don't want the maintenance of wood, look for materials made from fiber composite. It looks like wood and contains wood, but it won't rot.

Creating a more modern look in your home is all about the big picture. Even if you only focus on the three elements above during your remodel, your home will look far more modern as a result.

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