New To Garbage Disposals? Don't Make These Mistakes

Having a garbage disposal for the first time can be so nice. You will have so much less food waste to throw away, and you won't have stinky garbage sitting in your trash can. As you adapt to using your garbage disposal, however, there are a few things you want to avoid doing. People who make the following mistakes usually do so unknowingly and with the best intentions, but they end up with damaged or suffering garbage disposals. [Read More]

Factors That Affect The Efficiency Of Your Heating System

Every heating system has an efficiency rating that reflects its operating potential. However, there are other factors that affect whether your heating system works as advertised. The following are some factors that impact your heating system's efficiency.  Poor Insulation Levels  Insulation provides a barrier in your home and contains the heat your furnace produces. Therefore, if your home has poor insulation, your heating system has to work harder to ensure your home is warm. [Read More]

Understanding Intermittent Toilet Leaks And Smells

When you think of problems with your toilet, you probably imagine some pretty dramatic and unpleasant events. While sewage backups are major catastrophes that nearly always require professional help, they aren't the only way that your toilet can fail. You may also experience much more subtle and sometimes intermittent problems.  Since toilets are relatively simple fixtures, there are only a few areas where parts can fail. If you notice an unpleasant odor around your toilet or the floor around the base occasionally seems damp, you may have a problem with the wax seal, the toilet flange, or the soil stack. [Read More]

Is Your Toilet Too Far Gone To Save?

Of all the plumbing items in your home, you probably want to spend the least time thinking about your toilets. However, these simple staples of modern living are also surprisingly durable and repairable. Many toilet problems are relatively easy to fix, and it's often possible to pull out and replace most of their functional components. However, nothing lasts forever, and that includes your home's porcelain thrones. Recognizing when it's time to ditch your old toilets can help you avoid some nasty failures while also updating an often neglected bathroom fixture. [Read More]