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Can A Professional Drain Cleaning Save You Money?

Are you trying to ignore the frequent clogs or persistently slow-running drains plaguing your home? Far from minor nuisances, these problems often signal a serious underlying issue with your home's plumbing. In a worst-case scenario, clogs that stubbornly return month after month may be a warning sign of trouble brewing deep within your home's sewer lateral.

Ineffective do-it-yourself solutions may seem like an excellent way to save money, but they may also be a more costly option over the long run. If you're putting off calling in a plumber for a professional drain cleaning, here are three ways this vital service can save you money and help you avoid some particularly nasty disasters.

1. You Won't Keep Wasting Cleaning Supplies

Dealing with tough clogs isn't easy. You might be able to deal with infrequent clogs using homemade remedies, but purchasing ingredients can become expensive, and these solutions rarely provide good results. If your clog is somewhere deeper in your drains, there's a high likelihood they won't work at all. Chemical cleaners are even more expensive and may harm your home's plumbing.

On the other hand, a professional drain cleaning is often a one-time service. An expert will inspect your drain, often using specialized equipment such as a drain camera, to find the underlying cause of the clog. Once they know why your drain keeps backing up, they can ensure a permanent solution that will save you from spending money repeatedly on drain cleaning supplies.

2. You Won't Miss Serious Issues

Persistent clogs are rarely the result of a few stuck pieces of food or one-off drain misuse. Instead, these obstructions often occur because there's a problem in your home's drains allowing waste to build up and create clogs. The underlying issue may be fat, grease, a large, stuck object, root intrusions, or even a collapsed sewer pipe.

Cleaning your clogs just enough to allow water to flow again deals with the immediate symptom, but it does nothing to resolve the underlying issue. A drain inspection and cleaning will allow you to discover these problems rather than allow them to continue to worsen over time. Catching and cleaning these obstructions as early as possible will save you money and may even prevent damage.

3. You Won't Risk a Sewage Backup

There's no denying that calling a professional drain cleaner is more expensive than plunging a drain yourself. Of course, a messy sewage backup is even more expensive. Sewage is a nasty problem. Cleaning sewage from your home requires special precautions because of the potential health hazards, and sewer water can also cause staining and other substantial forms of damage.

A minor clog may not seem like something that can cause a sewage backup, but there's no way to know where the obstruction may lie without a sewer camera inspection. Hiring a professional allows you to clear the clog, no matter how deep it may be in your plumbing, ensuring you won't come home to find some seriously gross water backing up from your drains. For more information, contact a company like Rooter Express Plumbing & Drain.