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Avoiding Mistakes When Using Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your construction site. However, many people often make a series of mistakes when it comes to the use of temporary fencing on their projects.

Mistake: Underestimating The Length Needed For The Fence

One of the most common mistakes regarding temporary fencing is underestimating the length needed for the fence. This mistake can create security gaps that leave the construction site vulnerable to trespassing. Measuring the construction site carefully and calculating the required length is important for an accurate estimate. Furthermore, add a few additional fencing sections to your rental to account for errors in your estimation.

Mistake: Failing To Properly Secure The Temporary Fence

Failing to secure the temporary fence properly is another common mistake that people make. When the fence is not secured correctly, it becomes easier to tip over due to high winds or individuals pushing it over. Avoiding this requires the appropriate tools and equipment to anchor the fence. This includes using heavy-duty clamps, steel posts, and sandbags. Also, any gates must be closed and locked while not in use. Some individuals may find letting the fence rental service set up the fence can avoid these potential issues.

Mistake: Not Including Lighting For The Temporary Fence

Another mistake that people make is not including lighting for the temporary fence. When the construction site is not well-lit, it can create a dangerous situation for workers and the public. The early morning or late night hours can be especially hazardous. Including lighting in the temporary fence will improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. Some standard lighting options include solar-powered lights or generator-powered LED lights. Many temporary fence rental providers offer lighting options that can be connected to the fence sections.

Mistake: Not Including Privacy Screens In The Temporary Fence

Privacy screens improve security and privacy for the workers on the construction site. They also prevent the public from seeing the construction site, which can reduce the risk of vandalism or trespassing. It may also avoid the risk of your workers getting distracted, which could significantly reduce the risk of an accident.

Including privacy screens in the temporary fence is a simple way of meeting this need. Fortunately, many temporary fencing options have privacy screens built into them. This can avoid any additional setup time. Many privacy screens have small holes in them. While this may slightly reduce their effectiveness, these openings are necessary for allowing wind to pass through the fence. Otherwise, the winds could tear the privacy screen.

For more information, contact a temporary fencing rental provider near you.