Sump Pump Selection: Things To Know

Flushing Your Home's Water Heater

The water heater is an essential plumbing appliance in your home. While a water heater is a component you may go without needing to address for years, good maintenance practices can be instrumental for these systems. More specifically, flushing the water heater's interior can be crucial.

Flushing A Water Heater Can Reduce The Need For Repairs 

Failing to flush the interior of your water heater can significantly impact the unit's performance, which can also contribute to it needing major repairs. If repairs are necessary, they could be costly and require significant amounts of time, energy, and effort. In particular, flushing the water heater can remove the sediments and minerals that may get trapped in the water heater. As these accumulations grow, they can insulate the heating elements. These deposits will prevent the heat from being transferred to the water, which can directly decrease your unit's performance.

The Home's Water Quality Determines The Frequency That Flushing Is Required

The quality of the water supply to your unit will be the determining factor when it comes to how often the water heater needs to be flushed. A home with hard water or a high concentration of sediments must regularly flush the water heater to avoid performance problems. In extreme cases, this may be a maintenance task that the water heater needs every year. Improving the water quality in your home is one option for minimizing these issues. The installation of a softening system and a water treatment unit can eliminate these materials from the water before they can get into the water heater.  

Thoroughly Flushing A Water Heater May Require Professional Technicians

When your water heater needs to be flushed, professional technicians can complete this routine maintenance. When flushing a water heater, many small spaces in the unit require cleaning. If homeowners attempt this maintenance without hiring a professional technician, they may be more likely to leave some of these substances behind. Any sediments or minerals left behind will continue to impact the system's performance, leading to the water heater needing to be flushed again soon. Hiring a professional water heater service to flush your unit can ensure that this work will be completed as thoroughly as possible. Also, these professionals can be much faster, reducing the length of time your house is without a source of hot water. Lastly, many water heater warranties will require this maintenance to be completed by a trained professional.

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