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Inspecting Your Home's Sewer Line

There are not many parts of your home's plumbing that will be as important as the sewer line. Unfortunately, the sewer line can suffer problems that will lead to it potentially suffering catastrophic damages and other problems. For proactive homeowners, sewer line inspections can be one solution for helping to address these issues. 

Sewer Line Inspections Can Diagnose Problems Before You Start To Notice They Are Occurring

Problems with your home's sewer line will typically develop rather slowly. This can allow for you to potentially limit the damages and disruptions that they cause by catching them when they are still minor. Regular sewer line inspections can allow for these problems to be identified so that the necessary repairs can be scheduled before a major failure occurs. For example, early detection may allow you to opt for lining the sewer line to seal it. However, more severe damage may require the sewer line to be replaced.

Sewer Line Inspections Will Not Cause Damage To Your Landscaping

Homeowners will often assume that any work that their sewer line needs will result in landscaping damage to the property. However, this is not actually the case as sewer line inspections can be completed without needing to damage or disturb the landscaping. This is possible through the ability of these services to insert an inspection camera through the home's plumbing and into the sewer line. As a result, the interior length of the sewer line can be easily and effectively inspected with both minimal cost and time. During this inspection, the home will need to have its water turned off because the camera system that is in the sewer line could obstruct it so the water will be unable to drain through it.

Sewer Line Inspection Services May Offer Limited Repair Options

While sewer line inspection services can assist you with identifying a range of problems with this part of the plumbing, their ability to repair these issues may be somewhat limited. For example, many sewer line inspection services will be able to break up clogs and other minor obstructions. However, if there is structural damage to the sewer line that requires it to be patched or replaced, you may need to hire a sewer line replacement specialist. These services can use a range of options to replace this part of the plumbing. One popular option can be trenchless options. This will involve forcing the new sewer line through the existing one, which can minimize the need for excavation work to be done.

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