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Is Your Toilet Too Far Gone To Save?

Of all the plumbing items in your home, you probably want to spend the least time thinking about your toilets. However, these simple staples of modern living are also surprisingly durable and repairable. Many toilet problems are relatively easy to fix, and it's often possible to pull out and replace most of their functional components.

However, nothing lasts forever, and that includes your home's porcelain thrones. Recognizing when it's time to ditch your old toilets can help you avoid some nasty failures while also updating an often neglected bathroom fixture. If these three symptoms sound familiar, it may be time to talk with a plumber about a toilet replacement.

1. Frequently Recurring Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are impossible to avoid in any home that has significant mineral content in its water. These stains, sometimes known as toilet rings, tend to form around the water line. You may also notice hard water stains as streaks along the inside of the bowl where water flows down from the tank. Hard water stains often start as relatively faint but grow worse over time.

Many products can remove these stains, but it's a problem if you notice stains recurring very quickly. Assuming your home doesn't have a severe hard water issue, quickly recurring stains may indicate pitting in the toilet bowl. This pitting allows minerals to "grip" onto these locations and form stains. When you have this problem, it usually means your toilet is fairly old and well past its prime.

2. Incorrect or Uncomfortable Height

Many people don't realize that toilets are available at several different heights. While most toilets standard toilets sit around the same height, you can also purchase chair-height toilets that sit a bit higher. If you're willing to spend a little more on a custom installation, you can even choose an adjustable wall-hung toilet.

If you find your toilet uncomfortable, it's worth considering replacing it with a more suitable height option. Circumstances can also change, in which case a new toilet can be beneficial. For example, if you have lost some mobility due to illness or injury, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher toilet for more comfort.

3. Trapway Problems

Your toilet uses a trapway that serves the dual function of keeping water in the bowl and sealing the bowl against sewer gases. While the trapway can't "go bad," it can become more worn and rough over time. This rougher surface makes it harder for waste and paper to flow smoothly through the toilet, ultimately increasing the likelihood of clogs.

While even a brand-new toilet may clog if you try to flush too much down the drain, frequent clogging with normal usage is a sign of a problem. Once you've confirmed that your clogs are in your toilet trapway and not deeper in your plumbing, it's probably time to start thinking about a replacement to say yourself from frequent, frustrating, and messy plunging. 

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