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3 Drain Cleaning Methods Plumbers Use To Eliminate Tree Roots From Sewer Lines

Tree roots are invasive and seek nutrients from any source they can find, including drains. Although a few may not cause problems, a large clump of them could block your lines and damage your system. Unfortunately, you may realize that there's a problem when it's too late, and your system is already backed up. Plumbers use several drain cleaning methods to eliminate these obstacles and keep them from coming back. This article discusses three of them.


In this technique, a steel cable is fed through the pipe, and as it is turned, it drills through any roots that might be blocking the channel. These cables come in different thicknesses and lengths to accommodate all types of pipes, including clay, PVC, and metal pipes. Before using this method to get rid of roots, a plumber will examine the sewer to make sure that it is not damaged and identify the location of the blockage. This way, they'll be able to get rid of the roots without destroying the channel.

Hydro Jetting

This technique uses high-pressure water to blast away any roots or debris that might be clogging your channel. It can also help to clean the sides of the pipe to stop future clogs. If you have a serious root problem, or if your sewer is completely blocked, hydro jetting may be the best solution. Plumbers are skilled in utilizing this method and will ensure that it is done properly. They'll also protect your home from any water damage that might occur during the process and advise you on the best way to protect your pipes.


If the roots in your channels are invasive, a roto-rooter may be the right tool for the job. This device utilizes a rotating blade to chop up the roots so they can be flushed out. It also has a powerful vacuum that can suction the debris out of your channels. This means that it can effectively get rid of roots and clear the pipes in one go. A plumber is more likely to use this tool as the first line of defense against roots or combine it with another method to make sure the roots are removed completely. You can discuss with them to find out what will work best in your case.

Tree roots can be a big problem for sewer systems. Luckily, plumbers have different ways of dealing with them. If you invest in drain cleaning, you can be sure that the problem will be solved permanently and won't come back.