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Three Problems That Can Be Solved By Getting Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

Even when your drains aren't backing up completely, they can still often benefit from a professional cleaning. A thorough cleaning can help get rid of nasty odors, make your pipes drain more smoothly, and even help them last longer.

Foul Smells

After enough time, almost any drain can start to smell, and this smell can come from several different sources. Sometimes it can come from a buildup of gunk in the primary drain, which subsequently promotes the growth of bacteria that can emit nasty-smelling gases. Another possibility is the secondary drain. Sometimes the gases from bacteria can be pushed up through the backup drain, which can be the case if you notice foul odors more often when water is running.

Another possibility still is the plumbing vent. If vents are clogged, gases that ordinarily escape via the vents can get pushed up through your drains instead.

Having your drains professionally cleaned can effectively get rid of these odors so they won't come back after more temporary measures have faded.

Slow Draining

The same gunk that causes foul odors can start to make liquids drain more slowly as well. This will primarily happen if the gunk buildup is such that it reduces the size of your pipes, but it can also happen when vents are clogged. Since drain vents regulate airflow, liquids can start to flow more slowly if vents are clogged even if the drains themselves are clear.

Gunk and sediment buildup can also start to slowly damage your pipes themselves, which is why it's a good idea to have your drains periodically cleaned every few years or so. Doing this can help your pipes last longer and also ensure that your drains drain the way they're supposed to. Since this can sometimes involve getting pretty deep into your pipes, call a professional for assistance.

Constant Clogs

When your pipes start clogging up more than usual, it could be because of a gunk buildup in your drains, though more specifically it can sometimes occur when a buildup of bunk or sediment makes it more likely for things like paper products to get stuck. The insides of your drains should be mostly smooth to allow everything to move toward your sewer or septic tank. When buildup occurs, the inside of your pipes can become less smooth and make it easier for waste or products to get stuck, which causes a chain reaction that leads to a clog.

Drain cleaning can get rid of many of these obstacles. Depending on the type of buildup in your pipes, they may benefit from a process called descaling, which removes mineral deposits from the inside of your pipes. Not only will this take care of buildups that reduce the size of your drains, but it will help everything flow more smoothly as well.

For more information, contact a drain cleaning service near you.