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Sewer Line Repair: Why Trenchless Pipe Burst Is The Best Way To Protect Lawns

Repairing sewer lines isn't always easy or comfortable, but you don't have to mess up your lawn or landscaping forever. Trenchless pipe burst protects the lawn and ensures that the water and sewage system is functioning properly. This method for repairing pipes does not rely on access by digging up the pipe. It relies on special equipment to get the job done. Why is it the best way for your landscape lawn?  

1. Avoid Soil Upheaval 

One of the biggest benefits of trenchless repair is that you don't have to dig through the entire lawn to find and fix the problem. The plumber uses a special camera to inspect the pipe and find the fault. It avoids soil upheaval that occurs with traditional trench repairs. As a result, the soil is not disturbed, and fertility is reduced. 

2. Avoids Flower Translocation and Damage to Tree Roots

Trenching in your property can destroy flower beds and tree roots, but repairing a sewer without trenching doesn't bother them. The trenchless sewer repair method uses a device called a pipe burster to get to the damaged pipe and repair it. It keeps the roots intact and avoids the risk of plant death due to a lack of nutrients. 

3. Avoid Leaving Grooves on the Lawn

The problem with traditional sewer repairs is that even as grass grows, there are scars left on the lawn. They can spoil the visual cohesion of your landscaping. Burst pipe repairs help avoid cutting deep grooves in lawns and paved surfaces.

4. Avoid Damage to the Lawn Irrigation System

The irrigation system is important for keeping the lawn in good condition and is often damaged by digging during trenching. This damage can cause havoc as plants die from a lack of water before you can repair it. Avoiding destructive ditches keeps the lawn irrigated intact and allows plants to continue to get the nutrients they need. 

5. Maintaining a Well-Kept Lawn Appearance

It can take years to make a perfect lawn. All of this effort can be wiped out by digging a ditch for a few hours. By using trenchless sewer line repair, you can maintain the hard-earned landscaping results and show your beautiful lawn for years. 

A blocked sewer line can cause great inconvenience to the home and can cause serious health damage; it needs to be fixed immediately. Call a plumber—such as Morris & Son Sewer & Drain LLC—to arrange a sewer line repair as soon as possible.