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What A Plumber Might Try When Clearing Your Clogged Kitchen Drain

A clogged kitchen drain is a common problem, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. If you're completely frustrated after plunging and pouring hot water and vinegar down your drain and still not fixing the clog, it's time to call a plumber for help. Your drain could have a deep clog or some other problem that requires plumbing tools to clear. Here's a look at ways a plumber can clear a clogged kitchen drain.

They Might Try Plunging

A plunger is often an effective tool for clearing a clogged kitchen drain, but it has to be used properly. If you don't have the strength to plunge vigorously for long enough, you might not be able to dislodge the clog. The plumber might try a plunger since it would be a quick and easy way to fix the problem if they are successful.

The Plumber Might Check The P-Trap

The clog might be in the P-trap under your kitchen sink. This trap has a U-shape so water is held in the trap to keep sewer gases from leaking out of the drain. The shape of the trap allows grease and particulates to fall out and build a clog. If the plumber thinks the clog might be in the trap, they can take the trap apart and inspect it visually for a clog. If a clog is found, the drain can be cleaned or the clog can be fished out or pushed through to clear the line.

A Drain Snake Could Be The Solution

If the P-trap is clear, the plumber will probably take the drain apart at the wall so they can pass a drain snake down the drain. This tool can punch through a clog or grab a clog and pull it out. A plumber uses a snake on a long cable so it can go far down the drain. A commercial snake can often reach much further than a snake you might have at home to use yourself.

A Water Jet Can Clean The Line

A clogged kitchen drain often has grease and soap scum buildup on the sides. There might even be hard water scale and food bits or coffee grounds stuck in the drain. A drain snake can break up the clog, but it won't clean the sides of the drain. If your plumber thinks buildup is to blame, they may use a water jet to blast the drain clean. The water reaches all sides of the drain to knock off grease and other debris that clings to the sides and creates clogs so your drain is wide open and able to drain freely.

Contact a plumber if you need assistance with a clogged kitchen drain