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3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Hot Water Heater Installation

There is a lot to love about the do-it-yourself ethos espoused by all kinds of hobbyists, amateurs, and enthusiasts. In fact, if you are good with tools and taking on projects around the house, you may see no reason not to attempt a hot water heater installation on your own. The reality, however, is that doing so can pose far more risks than benefits, and it is much more advisable to contact a professional who can do the job for you. Take a look below at just a few common reasons even the most tool-savvy people have professionals install their hot water heater.

No Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

By far the most important reason to avoid installing a hot water heater yourself is that doing so can literally put you and your family in danger. Carbon monoxide—a colorless, odorless, and potentially lethal gas—can be produced by a hot water heater that is powered by natural gas if it is not installed or vented properly. While many homes have detectors in place for this very reason, some do not. There is simply no reason to risk carbon monoxide poisoning by taking on a hot water heater installation project yourself.

Greater Long-Term Savings

While hot water heater installation can leave a dent in your budget, it is nothing compared to the costs you may take on if you install the system yourself improperly. You may need to replace multiple parts in succession or, worse yet, a major mistake may force you to replace the entire system altogether. In this sense, paying for the services of an experienced and knowledgeable professional is an investment that will last you the lifetime of your hot water heater. 

No Legal Issues

For many reasons—including the ones listed above—many municipalities have laws governing the installation of residential plumbing components such as hot water heaters. Such legislation is put into place to ensure the safety of all residents. As such, you may find yourself facing fees or other penalties if you attempt to install a hot water heater on your own. Problems may also crop up when you attempt to sell your house, as some real estate agents will require proof of professional installation before the new homeowners move in. In order to avoid encountering these kinds of legal issues, be sure to contact a trusted company in your area that specializes in hot water installation.

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