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5 Indicators You Need Professional Water Heater System Repair

Your water heater system is one of the essential parts of your home. It provides you with hot water whenever there is a need. A malfunctioning water heater system can leave you in cold water, literally. When you notice any issues, the best thing is to seek a professional repair service. Here are five tell-tale signs that indicate you need professional water heater repairs:

Oily Sediment at the Bottom

The presence of oily sediment at the bottom of your tank is a clear indication that it's time for you to call technicians to help you repair it. This sediment forms due to chemical reactions between components of your system. The presence of residues means that there are issues with the elements and they need replacing.

Water Leakage 

If you notice puddles of water forming at the base of the water heater tank, there might be a leak. The source of this problem could either be an internal or external issue. Either way, professional inspections are highly recommended to detect the root cause and prescribe appropriate measures for its repair. 

Deteriorating Pilot Light

A pilot light is a current limiting device that prevents gas from flowing continuously through the system in case of irregularities such as severe fluctuations in pressure and temperature changes. If the pilot light starts showing signs like irregular flicker or flame instability, it may indicate something wrong with the gas control valve or pilot assembly. Call your service provider immediately so they can assess the situation and resolve it.

Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling of the water heater means its thermostat is not working correctly. The gas water heater system functions by turning on the burner only when necessary. A properly working thermostat will keep the water in your system at a constant temperature. If you notice that your water heater keeps turning on and off, then it's time to call a professional service to fix it.

Strange Noises and Smells

Sometimes, hearing unusual clicking and knocking noise coming from inside the tank could mean you need professional assistance right away. Similarly, smelling strange odors inside the tank may also require professional service. Such signs indicate something abnormal happening inside, and you could be putting yourself at risk if you ignore it.

Several issues could arise with water heaters over time. Some of these issues can be dealt with by making simple changes to your system, while others may require professional help from experts in the field. In any case, seeking help for an issue is the most reliable way to resolve it and ensures that none of your other appliances end up getting damaged due to malfunctions with your water heater system.