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4 Bathroom Renovations Your Plumber Can Help With

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, there are some tasks you can do yourself or depend on a general contractor to complete. There are other issues, though, that are best left to a professional plumber. Doing so ensures the highest quality of work with the least chance of something going wrong during the renovation process.

1. Pipe Relocation

A full bathroom renovation will often include changing up the location of certain fixtures in the room. You may flip the toilet to a different wall, for example, or perhaps you want to change the orientation of a showerhead so it is above the shower or on a different wall. Pipe relocation isn't something you should DIY as mistakes can lead to water pressure issues or leaking pipes. Instead, a plumber should be brought in to handle any pipe relocation needs early on in the renovation process. 

2. Tankless Heating

A popular upgrade for a bathroom is to install a dedicated tankless water heater so you never have to worry about suffering through a cold shower again. Installation does require some expertise, though. Your plumber must find a good location that will provide enough room for the heater along with proper ventilation. If it's installed in a bathroom cabinet or closet, ventilation may need to be added to the space. It must then be hooked into both the electrical and the plumbing system properly so that it doesn't leak or short out. 

3. New Fixtures

One of the most common renovation upgrades is installing new fixtures, such as bathtubs and showers, sinks, or toilets. You may even want to upgrade existing fixtures, such as adding a bidet to your current toilet. Fixture upgrades require properly removing the old fixture along with installing and hooking up the new fixture. To avoid mistakes that could lead to leaks or a malfunctioning fixture, call in a plumber to handle this part of your bathroom renovation. 

4. Pipe Updates

In older homes, a bathroom renovation is a good time to upgrade old and outdated pipes. If your home has lead pipes, for example, re-piping is a must from a safety standpoint. You may also want to update old corroded metal pipes to newer polyvinyl PEX pipes, which are less likely to develop leaks over time. Your plumber can assess the state of the pipes before renovations begin to see if re-piping is something that should be done.

Contact a bathroom renovation service if you need more help with your bathroom.