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Signs It's Time For A New Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal problems can be annoying and inconvenient. Are you wondering whether or not your garbage disposal needs to be replaced? There are many signs that will tell you if you need a new garbage disposal. Garbage disposal problems can be annoying and inconvenient. If things have not been going well with your garbage disposal but you still aren't really sure whether or not you should replace it, then here are some of the major signs that you do.

Strange Noises

If you hear a strange sound coming from your garbage disposal it is usually a sign that it needs to be replaced. Stange noises usually mean that parts in your garbage disposal are not functioning well. 

One way to check on this is to shine your flashlight down into the drain. If you find that something is lodged in the drain, then you can carefully try to remove it yourself. If removing it stops the noise then you've solved the problem. However, if it doesn't, you need to call in someone to do a replacement. 

Bad Odor

Bad odors are a sure sign that something is wrong with your garbage disposal. When food particles are being properly disposed of in a garbage disposal it is unlikely that odor will come from the disposal system. 

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly rinse out your garbage disposal. You may be smelling a foul odor because there are particles of food trapped in the unit. Once you have rinsed out your garbage disposal and turned it back on, if you still notice that there are odors coming out of it, then you may need a replacement.


If you notice that your garbage disposal is now leaking then it is probably time for a replacement. Garbage disposals usually start to leak when they get old. If your garbage disposal is eight or more years old then it probably needs to be replaced once you start getting cracks and leaking.

It Won't Power On

When your garbage disposal won't power on there may be something wrong with it. If you press the reset button on the unit and nothing happens, then you should check to see if there is an electrical problem in your home. 

You can do this by checking the circuit breaker. If pressing the reset button doesn't fix the problem and you also find that there is nothing wrong with your circuit breaker. It may mean you need to replace the unit.

For more information on garbage disposal repair, contact a professional near you.