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3 Signs You Should Hire A Professional To Clean Your Home's Drains

Your house has several drains in different places, including in your basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. As a homeowner, it's imperative to ensure that all your drains are flowing smoothly to avoid flooding or other inconveniences in your home. Although your residential drains are designed to withstand continuous and vigorous flushing of wastewater, you need to understand that they aren't immune to damage or clogging. If your bathtubs, kitchen sinks, or toilets are not draining correctly, you shouldn't wait until they get completely blocked to give them attention. Ignoring your malfunctioning drains can cause expensive emergencies in your home. 

Here are warning signs that will help you know it is time to contact a drain cleaning service:   

You Notice Multiple Slow Drains in Your Home

A single slow drain in your home may not be a cause of alarm. However, if you notice multiple slow drains in your house, you should hire a professional to inspect your drainage system. This problem may occur as a result of the accumulation of debris in your plumbing system. The buildups of debris in your drain line will hinder the flow of wastewater. In such a situation, it is advisable to hire a drain cleaning service instantly to clean your plumbing system before it gets clogged completely.  

Wastewater Is Backing Up in Your Toilets, Bathtubs, or Kitchen Sinks

Your drainage system also needs a thorough cleaning if you frequently experience water backups in your sinks, bathtubs, or toilets. Water backup may occur as a result of a blockage in your drainage system. This problem may cause flooding in your house, which will put your family's health at risk. Wastewater backup may also cause severe damage to your furniture, walls, or floors, leading to huge losses. Therefore, it's advisable to have your drainage system cleaned by a professional as soon as you notice this sign, to protect your family's health and prevent severe losses in your home. 

A Gurgling Sound Is Coming from Your Drain Line

If your drainage system is making gurgling sounds when wastewater is running, you need to have it cleaned as soon as possible by a professional drain cleaning service. This problem may be caused by the accumulation of food particles, hair, oil, or other substances in your drain pipes. Wastewater will be forced to squeeze itself through the tiny spaces left by the buildups of solid substances in your drainage system. If you fail to take action immediately, your drainage system will get clogged completely, which will make your home unlivable. 

Over-the-counter drain cleaning substances or DIY strategies may cause more damage to your drainage system. Therefore, as a homeowner, if any of the above drainage problems hit your home, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a professional drain cleaning service.