Sump Pump Selection: Things To Know

Is Your Plumbing Ready For Summer?

When you think of summer, you probably think of vacations, swimming, entertaining, grilling, outdoor fun, and the like. The one thing that you likely do not think about is anything to do with your household plumbing system. However, summer is also known for cracked hoses, clogged drains, and sewage backups. With that being said, you need to ensure that your plumbing system is prepared for all of the summer fun that you have planned. This begins with a professional inspection. However, here are three tips that will help ensure your plumbing is ready for the upcoming summer season.

Inspect the Sewer Pipes

It is extremely common for you to experience backups in the sewer line, partly as a result of summer thunderstorms and rainwater. This storm water will enter your sewer pipes through small cracks, which then creates congestion. The sewer line can also sustain stress as a result of root development from nearby trees. After all, roots will always grow toward the nearest water source. To ensure your sewer pipes are prepared for the upcoming summer season, schedule an inspection with a plumbing professional. A professional will look for any signs of possible or potential damage and perform the necessary repairs.

Protect the Kitchen Garbage Disposal

During the summer, the garbage disposal in the kitchen will be used far more frequently than other times of the year. Pool parties, social gatherings, barbecues, and the like mean that more people will be gathering in the home, which will increase the risk of the wrong foods being placed down the disposal. To ensure that clogs do not occur in the kitchen sink, consider having a compost bin where all food is placed. This way you don't have to worry about someone accidentally putting a corn husk or fatty food down the drain and clogging it up.

Inspect and/or Replace the Washing Machine Hoses

Due to the fact that the kids are home during the summer and are likely going to be playing more outside, the washing machine is going to be used a lot more often. Your kids will go through more clothes, and those clothes will likely get a lot dirtier than when they were in school. In some cases, the same may be true for you! Regardless, you need to ensure that your washing machine is ready for this is extra work by inspecting the hoses for any cracks, bulging, and leaks. If you have not changed the hoses in a few years, go ahead and replace them now.

The aforementioned tips will help prepared your plumbing for summer, which will minimize problems and allow you to enjoy your summer with little to no plumbing problems. For more information or for plumbing assistance, contact a plumbing service near you.