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FAQs About Having A French Drain Installed In Your Basement

If you have excess water in your basement, it is a good idea to hire a plumber or a water mitigation company to make some changes that will keep the space dryer. One such change might be to install a French drain. These are long, recessed drains that generally run around the basement's perimeter. They can be a great solution for basements with diffuse water that comes up from the ground and also for those with any sort of foundation leaks. Here are some questions you might have before having a French drain installed in your basement.

How far out from the wall will the drains extend?

When you have a French drain installed, you will lose your ability to place anything directly against the walls since the drains will run along the perimeter. But rest assured — the drains are only a few inches wide. Your plumber will determine the exact width that the drains need to be based on the size of your basement and how much water is in it. However, the width will be inches, not feet, so you really don't lose much basement floor space in the end.

Can French drains be installed in a basement with finished floors?

Technically they could be, but they typically are not. French drains are generally used for basements that see a substantial amount of water accumulation. Basements with this much water don't usually have floors, other than a concrete slab. If your basement is dry enough to sustain a floor, you probably don't need a French drain.

Do you need a sump pump with your French drain?

In most cases, yes, a French drain will be paired with a sump pump. The drain will collect water, and that water has to be discharged somewhere. Occasionally, a plumber will simply connect the French drains to your sewer line, but this is not permitted by building codes in many areas. If you already have a sump pump, there is a good chance your plumber can tie your French drain into that existing pump. However, they may need to relocate the pump in some cases.

French drains can be a great solution for basements that have substantial water accumulation. Talk to a company like Drain Designs for more information about having one of these drains added to your home. They can take a look at your basement, give you a quote, and tell you more specifically how large your French drains need to be.