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How You Should Be Maintaining Your Air Conditioner's Indoor Unit

As a homeowner, there are plenty of things that you should be doing to maintain the system, which will prolong its life span over the years. While many people remember to do the basics to their outdoor condenser, such as keeping the unit clean and maintaining good airflow, there are many things that need to be done to the unit inside your home as well. Here are some tips for maintaining the indoor portion of the air conditioner.

Check The Temperature

Your air conditioner may seem like it is running and producing cold air, but is it producing air as cold as it should? It's always a good idea to check the temperature of the air that the HVAC system is producing. This can be done by using a stick-in thermometer and inserting it into the supply vent in one of your rooms. You will then want to compare that temperature to the current temperature of the room, with there being a difference of about 20°F between the two. This means that if your thermostat is set to 75°F in your home, the air in the vent should be at about 55°F to maintain that temperature

If you notice that the air is warm and not that much lower than the ambient temperature of the room, then there is likely a problem with your air conditioner that needs to be fixed. This includes an A-coil that is covered with dust and debris, which restricts airflow and causes it to not cool as well. The A-coil can also freeze due to having low refrigerant.

Check The Drain Line

There is a drain line that allows the condensation to escape to a temperature and flow into a nearby drain. However, this hose can be filled up with gunk that causes the water to not be able to escape and go onto the floor. It's a good idea to occasionally remove the hose so that you can clear out debris in the hose and the fitting. 

Replace The Air Filter Regularly

One maintenance item that should be done often is filter replacement. When a filter is too dirty, it can cause airflow restrictions that make the system run inefficiently. Make sure that you look up how often your air filter needs to be replaced and stay on top of regular replacement. The air filter also should be replaced in a very specific direction, so pay attention to the arrow that indicates the direction of airflow. 

To get help with maintaining your system, reach out to an AC service.